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Yellowhead is committed to supporting First Nations ability to organize and mobilize to protect their rights.

As such, we will be releasing tools and resources related to the topics and issues in Land Back over the coming weeks. These include factsheets, short explanatory documents, infographics and more. Please continue checking back for more and visit the Yellowhead Institute Community Resource Library for the full collection of our accessible tools.

Feature Video:

What is the role of injunctions in legalizing the forced removal of Indigenous peoples resisting development or extraction on their lands?

Building on our injunction research featured in the Denial section of this Red Paper, in this video we speak with First Nation land defenders and leaders about their experiences with injunctions in Canada and the impact this legal tool has on their own lives and on their communities.

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Full Report
Land Back:
A Yellowhead Institute Red Paper


Definitions for key terms used in Land Back

Community Tools & Resources

Mine Sweeper Map
Searchable map of mining claims linked to First Nations in ON and QC


Resource Revenue Sharing Chart
A Jurisdictional Scan of Resource Revenue Sharing in Mining and Forestry

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Executive Summary
Land Back:
A Yellowhead Institute Red Paper


Injunction Success Rates
The percentage of injunctions granted and denied as filed by First Nations and corporations/government.


Three Frameworks of Consent
An overview of The Duty to Consult & Accommodate, FPIC, and Community Conceptualizations of Consent


An Analysis of Coastal Gaslink’s Notice of Application for Injunction
A breakdown of select parts of Coastal Gaslink’s Notice of Application for Injunction filed on November 26, 2018


Injunction Infographics
Key statistics from a review of over 100 injunction cases involving First Nations across Canada.


So you want to map your cultural values?
10 things to look for when selecting an expert. By David Carruthers, Principal, PlanLab Ltd.

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